Help expand Arcadia Dam Trails on Dec 19th

You can help expand our trail system!

Join us at 9:00am on Dec 19th to help expand our trail system.

Meeting Location

We hope you’ve spent the summer enjoying the new lake Arcadia Dam Trails. I think it’s time we add another mile, what do you think? We’ve marked out a mile in our phase 2 area and are ready to cut Trail.

Put on your boots and gloves and bring saws pruners, loppers, chainsaws, or any other tools you find suited for a trail building.

Meet us at the Lake Arcadia Park office at 9 o’clock. If you arrive on time we can shuttle people over to the worksite as it’s about a half a mile away from the parking lot. Or you can bring your bike if you’re capable of biking and carrying some tools. To bike to the location is on the Dam Road, so it’s easy.

I’ll post a map of our plan for the new trail, and a map of where to park.

Intermediate tight single track with technical climbs out of ravines (avg riders shouldn’t make climbs 100% of the time). 95% of turns should be flowing like the Dam Trails Phase I. Areas on the ridge of Deep Fork need to be close to the edge for a little pucker factor. Leave a few downed tree crossings as features. Half pipe flow should take the rider all the way out, ride a few feet, then drop back in.

    1. Billy Goat the rail line out and back once on south side
    1. Clear path of all trees >1” diameter. Billy goats will get all the small stuff. Cut stumps as low as possible.
    1. Remove deadfall and cut trees – make sure they are at least 4 feet off the trail
    1. One Billy Goat start at (A) and one at (B). I don’t think they can navigate the half pipe
    1. Tall Grass need to be trimmed 6+ feet wide
    1. Leave all branches that are 6’ above ground to ride under
    1. Please do not “work the dirt” in the whoops or rollers. We’ll do the fine tuning later.
    1. Rake rakes-width for defined single track
    1. You may come across cut trees with no marker this is not the way – we changed out minds ☺
Trail Expansion Plan