2020 Year in Review

What a big year for the trails. This post is a quick recap.

For reasons that are not yet clear, Arcadia saw an incredible amount of use. We've been excited by the growth the past year has brought and motivated by the increased expectations of the trails. Below are some stats we've put together from the past year:


  • 1000+ riders
  • 180,000+ miles ridden
  • 3 new parking lots added (2 at spring creek, 1 at Post rd.)
  • 1 new parking expansion at the West trail head
  • New paved system added for emergency exits from the trail.
  • Multiple new trails added
  • Frequent trail maintenance
  • A massive ice storm


In 2021, we're hoping to see even more usage. Edmond has created a Task Force for Arcadia Lake as they want to try to make it into a profit center instead of just a place of recreation and exploring for citizens. We will try to remain optimistic about these changes and keep covering their developments.