July - Trail Planning

July has a trail planning meeting on Friday, the 24th.

The Arcadia Trailboss and a number of key volunteers are getting together to better plan fall maintenance and effort coordination for general trail support.

Meeting Outcomes:

  • Lead Trailboss - CR passed the torch to TS.

  • Team Membership - CR and CH will be leaving the team in an official capacity. JC, MH, and RS were added as new team members.

  • Maintenance - There was discussion on maintenance equipment needs and storage.

  • Recent Builds - Celebration of new trails such the Twelves in Spring Creek and Fresh Tots in Arcadia East.

  • New Builds - There was discussion around what to build near Post rd, ideas around the creek crossing, and additional expansion of Arcadia East.

  • EOF Proof of Insurance - Confirmation that we have 2020's PoI from OEF and the park is aware of it.

  • Attendees: CR, CH, JC, KS, MH, RS, TS