Trail Safety - ticks, poison ivy, erosion

Be aware of increasing rates of ticks, poison ivy, and erosion.

While the nicer weather of springtime has many benefits, it is also important to be aware of increased risk. Common areas of increased risk are ticks, poison ivy, and erosion.


Be sure to do tick checks after and potentially during your ride depending on how far off the trail you have gone. While this is rarely a problem for the main trails or paved sections of Spring Creek, it can be a big problem for more wooded/inhabited sections of the trails like Twelves in Spring Creek.

Poison Ivy

Arcadia sees lots of vegetation growth with the spring rains. Poison ivy is one of the plants that easily grows. Be sure to wear protect clothing and clean yourself and your clothes if you think you've been in contact with poison ivy.


An increase in rain/runoff causes erosion on the trail in spots. This erosion can make rocks and roots more prounced leading to more pedal strikes. Also be aware of the potential to "wash out" on turns based on the soil condition.